20 Things That Wealthy People Do


By  Tayon Mitchell

In a society where Darwinian evolution is so apparent and even aggressively pursued by some, talents can only take a person so far. He/She needs to do things without a moment’s pause so they can achieve success and sustain it as much as possible. In other words, one needs good habits.

Looking at 20 things that wealthy people do allow some of those who are striving to attain success to get a better grasp of what makes these rich people tick. Here is the list:

  1. Be positive. People who have made it in this world owe much of their success to a positive spin on things. Being positive keeps them motivated and eager to succeed in everything and anything they do.
  2. Budget. It should be common sense to spend wisely and to live within means. People living near the poverty line have, surprisingly, no clear idea how to make the most of the meager dollar.
  3. Gambling is strictly prohibited. Rich people create their own luck. Gambling is a risk they cannot afford to take.
  4. Keep TV and internet to a minimum. Only a small percent of those doing well financially spend more than an hour on TV or surfing the net. They would rather focus on more productive things.
  5. Read. Conversely, a huge majority of them read self-help books or real-life success stories. Educating one’s self is a good start to success.
  6. Go the extra mile. Success is tied up to the extension of effort, time, and energy a person can spend on work or business.
  7. Keep simple goals. This is a very critical factor in the life of successful people. It often makes the difference between what is merely a wish. Besides, it is so much easier to be motivated when the goals are attainable.
  8. Track progress. Tracking progress is related to keeping goals simple. It helps one get a true picture of what he needs to do to achieve his goal.
  9. Do not procrastinate. Nothing ruins a day like procrastination. One should make sure all is nice and tidy at the end of the day.
  10. Avoid toxic companion. This one is the complete opposite of the first habit. Toxic company destroys a positive outlook in life.
  11. Persist. Going the extra mile can be called tenacity when it is so much more. It is the ability to keep going when the things look bleak or when one commits a mistake.
  12. Look for a mentor. Having someone who has actually made it, is a big one. Plus, the mentor can steer a person away from nasty pitfalls and temptations.
  13. Keep emotions in check. Keeping a lid on the emotions is a common habit of wealthy and successful people. Effective solutions can only come from a calm and composed mind.
  14. Do volunteer work. More than doing something humanitarian, it allows an individual to build the right kind of relationships in this environment. The people involved here define what is going the extra mile and are very positive about things in life.
  15. Stop believing in bad luck. Being hardworking, persistent, and positive will eliminate “bad luck.”
  16. Believe. Believing in one’s self is a huge aspect in all things. Why attempt to do something when the effort will only be done half-heartedly? Believing in one’s self is the engine that makes people hum.
  17. Never give up. Dwyane Wade’s old commercial of falling seven times and getting up eight times nicely sums it all. It’s not about falling, it’s about getting up every time one falls.
  18. Exercise. A healthy body is a good way to get that brain clicking on all cylinders.
  19. Rest. Working like a dog plus adding a few extra miles should not get in the way of resting. A tired person is sluggish and can hardly think straight.
  20. Love Life. The biggest of all habits. It makes all the struggles and hardships all the more bearable and success so much more satisfying.

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