Money Diet: New Way To Save Money

Going on a money diet does not need a specific time of the year or any other condition, except for the summers as they come with a lot of spending moments e.g going on a vacation, shopping for weddings and beach trips. Money diet is very different to ‘food diet’, since it is about gaining money and not losing it.

There are some really easy successful money diet tips for you to try:

Eat healthy, eat on budget:

By food shopping, strictly stick to groceries. Eat at home. Avoid pizza delivery, meal takeaways and hotel meals. In case, you find candy man or ice cream vans, look away to crush the craving.


Skip Shopping gigs:

While only window shopping, ladies are often caught buying scarves, headbands and accessories and such frequent little shopping gigs actually cost more than mega shopping.


Part-time working:

Work part time for few hours to gain extra money and show consistency. Join a toy store costumed as a spider man or become a host for an Italian restaurant.


Recycle at home:

Utilize free time at home and peek inside those used/unused stuff in backyard, go-down, old cupboards for some scrap and invest in some really cool DIY skills to create masterpieces that would both save you money and time for shopping outside. You can even do grocery shopping at home, consume some space in lawn and go green with home farm. While money dieting don’t go way too far to skip basic necessities like soaps and shampoos. These are the things of primary importance.


Visit Library:

If you are a keen reader, go on read entire library and cut the cost of buying books. You can not only explore the world of books but enjoy some real free entertainment and get this amazing chance of socializing on budget.




Try this crazy method called money diet and save dollars. You can thank me later 🙂



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