How to Find the Best Automobile Insurance Policy

Car insurance is required in almost every state. While many of us don’t actually ever use our insurance, the costs to maintain a policy can be significant. There are several things you can do to ensure you’re getting the best policy at the lowest price.

Check out these tips to help you find the best automobile insurance for your particular situation:

  1. Shop around. Prices can vary considerably from company to company.
      • Not all companies evaluate risk factors the same way. You might be surprised how much you can save by shopping around and getting a few quotes.
      • There are many websites that will allow you to submit your information and get quotes from numerous companies.

  2. Get the appropriate amount of coverage. Many people have far more coverage than they need. Many have too little coverage, which is also less than ideal. Analyze your situation to help you determine what would work best for you.
      • That old clunker doesn’t need extensive coverage. You’re probably not going to worry about a scratch in the parking lot or a little hail damage on the roof, so the extra cost wouldn’t be worth the return.
      • Along the same lines, do you really need $500,000 in liability coverage if your net worth is only $25,000? Get some expert advice and to ensure you’re not getting more than you need.

  3. Consider the deductible amount. Evaluate the cost savings and decide if a higher deductible makes sense for you. If you never seem to use your insurance, and have some money in the bank, a higher deductible can save you money.
      • Moving up to a $500 deductible can save as much as 30% over a $250 deductible.

  4. Keep your credit record clean. Your credit score is frequently used by insurance companies to price your policy. Some companies severely penalize those with lower scores.
      • Pay your bills on time and avoid taking out loans you don’t need. That pesky credit score seems to affect everything these days.

  5. Get your home and auto insurance from the same company. Most companies offer discounts if you have multiple policies. Ask what they’re willing to do if you combine the two.
      • Remember to include RVs, boats, snowmobiles, and any other vehicles as well. You could save a bundle.

  6. Consider the insurance cost before you buy a car. Some cars cost far more to insure than others.
      • Before you drive that sports car or luxury car home, get some insurance quotes first. Some vehicles are much more likely to be stolen, and the insurance will be more expensive. Others can be much more costly to repair.

  7. If you don’t drive many miles each year, ask for a mileage discount. The less your car is on the road, the less likely it is to be in an accident. Low-mileage drivers can qualify for significant discounts.

Use the tips above to tailor your automobile insurance policy to your own needs. All policies are not created equal and a standard set of benefits might not fit you at all. Shop around and educate yourself about what you really need. The peace of mind combined with cost savings will let you sleep like a baby at night.

Engarde Financial Group is positioned to educate and serve its clients with other insurance coverages.

We understand that your personal items that you possess are of significance to you. Here at EFG we look at every situation differently. When it comes to your needs there is no such thing as one size fits all. Speak to a insurance professional today so that we can design a policy to cover all the things you love.

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