7 Expenses You Can Cut Right Now

Saving money isn’t fun, but it doesn’t have to be painful. It’s not easy to increase your income significantly, but you can realize a significant savings in many areas of your finances with a little work.

Just a little sacrifice in several areas will lead to more money in your bank account. A few options might actually be more enjoyable than your current situation.

Save money each month by cutting your expenses in several areas:

      1. Health Club membership. How often do you really use your gym or health club? How much does each trip cost you? If you’re paying $75/month and only use it three times a month, you’re paying $25/visit. Could you stay at home, use your running shoes, a jump rope, and some second-hand dumbbells, and get the same results?

      2. Entertainment. Taking a family of four to a movie can cost $40 or more, and that doesn’t include the incredibly over-priced snacks. A streaming service will only set you back $10/month, and you can watch all the movies you can fit into your schedule. The snacks are less expensive at home, too. Everything is cheaper at home.

      3. Transportation. Depending on where you live, public transportation can be much less expensive than driving, especially if you normally pay for parking. If public transportation isn’t an option, share a ride. Each day you share with another person will save you roughly 20% on your gas expense. Add another person into the rotation and you’ll save 40%
          • Are you certain you have the best auto insurance rate? Have you checked lately? The difference in rates charged by different companies can be staggering.
      4. Utilities. Adjusting your thermostat by a one degree will lower your energy bill by 3%. Dropping your thermostat by three degrees in the winter and raising it three degrees in the summer will save nearly 10%! Wear a little less in the summer and dress more warmly in the winter. You’ll hardly notice the difference.

      5. Morning coffee. It’s true that coffee always seems better when you purchase it at the fancy coffee shop, but is it worth it? How much is it costing you each year? If you buy your coffee on your way to work, the numbers really add up.
          • $4 x 5 days/week x 52 weeks = $1,040 / year. Investing that money at 8% would result in over $50,000 in 20 years. Would you rather have $50,000 or a cup of coffee?
      6. Prescription medication. There are many ways to save money on prescription drugs.
          • Switch pharmacies. The prices can vary tremendously.
          • Purchase your medication online. If you have a long-term prescription, you can save a lot of money by ordering your medication and having it delivered to your door. It’s much more convenient, too.
          • Ask your doctor for a generic. Generics can cost 90% less for the same medication.
          • Become healthier. With healthier habits, you may be able to stop taking many of your medications, with your doctor’s approval.
      7. Eat at home more often. If you’re tired of eating the same things, buy a cookbook with enticing recipes. You can eat restaurant quality food at home with a little practice. Eating out is very expensive, and the experience only lasts an hour or so. Invite a few people over and show off your culinary skills.

Are there any other areas you could cut back or eliminate? A few, simple changes can result in big savings. Saving money doesn’t have to be painful. Look at your finances and eliminate the expenses that provide the least value to you.

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