How to Become a Savvy Saver

During these difficult economic times, you may be wondering how you can save any money when you’re barely coming up with enough money to pay the bills. It’s important to be open to all kinds of ideas when it comes to saving money. If you’re willing to try anything to save money, your confidence will soar.

Consider these ideas to help you set aside funds for savings and investments:

    1. When it comes to saving, attitude is everything. What you think and feel about saving matters.
        • If you feel incredibly overwhelmed or pressured about saving, chances are that you’ll avoid doing it.
        • However, if you embrace the concept of saving and get behind the idea that you’re paying yourself for the future when you save, you’ll be quite excited about saving every payday and demonstrating some real saving savvy.
        • Avoid convincing yourself that you “can’t save because there’s just no money left after paying the bills.” Instead, tell yourself you will save something every week.
        • In general, it’s best to focus on positives and an “I can do it” attitude for saving money.

    2. Make a conscious decision to save money. Write this down and put it on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror: “I will save some money today.” Then do it.
        • Sometime each day, put some money aside for your savings, no matter how small the amount may be. Maybe you’ll save your change or maybe you’ll skip a cup of coffee or soda, but you will set something aside.
        • Deposit your daily savings into an account each week.

    3. If you must, start small. Even saving $5 or $10 per week is something. It signifies a commitment on your part to save.
        • It shows that you believe saving is important and that you can, in fact, succeed at it.
        • Starting small to work toward a larger goal shows you have saving savvy.

    4. Set a minimum weekly savings goal and promise yourself to exceed it. If you’re starting small, make an effort to exceed your minimum amount.
        • So, if you establish a weekly minimum goal of $7, anything over that amount is “gravy.”
        • Read on to see where you can find some “gravy.”

    5. Use coupons every single week at the grocery store. You can find coupons in newspapers, grocery store flyers, and all over the internet.
        • Your grocery receipt lists at the bottom how much you saved with coupons.
        • Take that amount of cash out of your purse and place it in an envelope for the bank.
        • Whether it’s fifty cents or $4.50, it’s money you saved.
        • Place your grocery savings into the bank where it will do some real good.
        • Now that is saving savvy.

    6. Learn from others who demonstrate saving savvy. Interview friends or family members who show they know how to manage money. Do you have a sister who’s an avid saver? A friend who always pays cash for his cars?
        • Ask to sit down with them and gather some of their saving savvy tips.
        • When did they start saving?
        • Where did they learn about saving money?
        • What tips for “beginners” do your saving savvy friends have to share with you?
        • Keep your mind open and pen in hand. Write down their tips.
        • Then, decide which tips will work for you and apply them in your life.

Keep a positive attitude and make a personal commitment to save. Set a weekly minimum savings goal and learn from the savvy savers you know. Practicing savvy saving will lead you to a brighter future.

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