5 Easy Ways to Cut Living Expenses

Even if you’re already trying to save and cut down on living expenses, you’d be surprised about how many more ways you can save money at home. If your mission is to keep another dollar in the bank for a little longer, there’s always something else you can do.

There are small changes you can make at home in your day to day activities that can help you save money and cut down on your living expenses.

Take a look at some of the most effective changes that others often overlook:

      1. Recycle and Re-use. Of course, there are the obvious things like water bottles and other plastic containers, which in some cases offer rebates when you return them. However, have you considered recycling household cleaning equipment, for example? Items like traditional brooms and mops are:
          • More efficient because of how sturdy they are in design
          • Much cheaper than the disposable alternatives
          • More convenient because they can be used time and time again
      2. Use coupons. Instead of paying full price for things you buy at the grocery store, you can easily see some good savings by using coupons for some of your regularly used products. While saving 50 cents or a dollar might not readily seem like anything significant to you, you’d be surprised how quickly those savings add up at the end of each month!

      3. Conserve electricity. Electricity is obviously a key expense that we just cannot avoid. However, have you ever thought about switching out your bulbs to energy-saving alternatives and turning off everything electrical when not in use? Why not give it a try and even add candles to the mix?
          • Electronic equipment, like computers, use electricity even when switched off. To really save money, unplug them when you’re not actively using them.
          • You may think that it won’t make much difference because things like light bulbs don’t use up much electricity anyway, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much savings you’ll see on your energy bill.
          • Your significant other will definitely appreciate the “mood” you’re setting with romantic scented candles that beat out loud incandescent bulbs any day!
      4. Eliminate waste. Let’s face it: human nature will prompt us to purchase more things than we actually need when we realize we have more money to spend. However, by only purchasing what you need, you eliminate wasting your money. Many times, in stocking up on groceries and other products, plenty ends up being wasted.
          • Avoid wastage at home by purchasing just what you need each time.
          • Use just enough of what you’ve bought so it lasts twice as long.
      5. Car pool. One of the most talked about – yet infrequently used – ways of cutting living expenses on a day to day basis is car pooling. If there are other parents in your community who take their kids to school, why not:
          • Make an arrangement for both families to car pool every day?
          • Save a few bucks by cutting down on your daily gas consumption?
          • Put those gas savings to even better use?

These tips are merely scratching the surface of ways you can cut living expenses on a day-to-day basis. If you take a good look around your home, you’ll probably find another five or six ways you can save money every day.

It’s much easier that you might think! And look at it this way: the extra money you save from changing habits can be put into some kind of interest yielding account that can earn for you at the same time!

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