How to Save Money on Your Next Furniture Purchase

Buying furniture is typically an expensive endeavor. But with a little work, you can save a significant amount of money while still getting the perfect piece of furniture! The key is to have a plan and be patient.

Most furniture shoppers believe that quality furniture can only be obtained at a high price. But this isn’t true.

Try these ways to get great value at a price that works for you:

      1. Only get what you need. If the living room chair needs to be replaced, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new chair, sofa, two end tables and a coffee table.
            • If the other pieces are in good shape, just replace the damaged or worn-out furniture. Focusing on what you really need will cut your expense considerably. Separate needs from desires.

      2. Used furniture might be the ticket. Somewhere near you, someone is in a situation that is forcing them to sell practically new furniture at a rock-bottom price. Look at the listings in the newspaper, Craigslist, and everywhere else that comes to mind. Remember the auction sites as well.
            • Garage sales, estate sales, consignment shops, and thrift stores all have possibilities. Many people shy away from used furniture, but you might be surprised what you can find. Saving as much as 80% isn’t unusual, so keep an open mind.
            • Consider that you may need a truck or a friend with a truck.

      3. Keep your eyes open for sales. Furniture has a pretty high mark-up, so retailers can drop the price quite a bit and still make money. Being patient enough to wait for a great sale can save you a lot of money.
            • The items on sale can vary from week to week. One week it might be sofas, the next, end tables. If you truly need to replace several pieces, you can successfully accumulate them over time for big savings.

      4. You can negotiate. Everyone negotiates the price of a new car. You can negotiate the price of your furniture too.
            • You may be uncomfortable negotiating, but it really is the best-paying job you’ll probably ever have. How many times have you made hundreds of dollars in a couple of seconds? Be bold and see what they’re willing to do for you.
            • Most salespeople are paid a commission, so any sale is better than no sale from their point of view. There are limits, of course, but you’ll never know what those are if you don’t try. Negotiating is an acquired skill, so get out there and practice, practice, practice!

      5. Assembly required. Some nice furniture can be acquired for a great price if you’re willing to turn a screwdriver or wrench. Furniture from IKEA is one example.
            • Unassembled furniture is less expensive because there’s less labor for the manufacturer or retailer, and it’s more economical to transport a flat box than an assembled piece.

Purchasing furniture doesn’t have to ruin your bank account. Assess what your needs really are and then be patient while searching.

Look for sales and consider that used furniture might be perfect for your situation. Some used furniture is in spectacular condition and can be had for pennies on the dollar. And remember to negotiate; all big-ticket items are negotiable. Now get out there and save some money!

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