Obtaining financial peace of mind has become an increasingly difficult task for most Americans each year. Reports show how 50% of our nation has less than 1 month’s income saved. Another report shows that 40% of households spend 110% of their income each year. While many companies may prey on America’s declining situation, Engarde Financial Group (EFG) has extended its helping hand to educate Americans out of debt and towards financial independence.

Our Mission
As we hear the cry of our nation we realize that America has lost enough money. EFG is an insurance-based financial planning firm specializing in helping people have a Tax Free Retirement Income without losing any money in the stock market. Many financial companies and so-called guru’s want to give their advice on the newest investing strategies to beat the market. Here at EFG, it is not our goal for our clients to beat the market but to have a lifelong retirement income that will beat inflation while avoiding paying unnecessary taxes

Our Promise
Some of America’s most intelligent advisors follow 2 principles for creating wealth. Principal #1 “Do not lose any money.” Principal #2 “Follow principal #1.” When you meet with an EFG advisor our promise is that you will not lose any money. Today’s investors are more concerned with the return of their money than the return on their money. Another promise is to also educate you on every financial step along with holding your hand the entire way through without charging you excessive fees. We will help you uncover any imperfections in your current financial situation and provide you with a game plan leading toward your financial goals.

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